Gonorrhoea in Canada

This disease Canadian Health Care Mall Anitibiotics has been called by many names — clap, drip, Jack, a dose, gleet, morning drop, running range and, most descriptively by the French from the fourteenth century, chaude pisse, or hot piss. Hot piss is very much how it feels to the poor mango who attempts to empty his bladder through a urethra inflamed with gonorrhoea. Characteristically, a man will have symptoms within three to nine days of his exposure to the disease — by having sex with someone who has the clap. Only 10–15 per cent of men will not have symptoms. An affected man will first experience a burning sensation whenever he tries to take a leak and then notice a creamy drip from his penis. How much drip there is can vary from person to person.

Left untreated, the disease will invade farther up into the urethra and into the neck of the bladder and the prostate. He will feel that he has to pee all the time and urgently — no delay or he may wet himself. As the disease progresses, the urine may be blood-tinged. By contrast, a woman may have few symptoms other than an increase in her vaginal discharge, with or without a little burning, which she may think is a variation on normal. If the illness spreads upward through the uterus into the Fallopian tubes, the woman is usually quite ill with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and sterility may result.

Emma was a young mother in her thirties. She used the family planning clinic for her women’s Female Viagra Generic health needs and had had a routine STD screen done with her annual Pap smear. To her doctor’s consternation, Emma’s culture came back positive for gonorrhoea. She was notified to come in for treatment and the clinic nurse told her that her husband should also come for testing and treatment. Emma denied any other sexual partners. The day of her appointment came and so did Joseph, Emma’s husband. Joseph was more than irate; he was dangerously angry — with the clinic staff! ‘How dare you say that I gave this to my wife. Your tests must be wrong. Or else she got it from a toilet seat. It couldn’t be me, I’m perfectly OK.’ Now, you know, that old toilet seat possibility just isn’t on — the organism doesn’t survive outside a warm human body.

Emma had always struck the nurse as a very meek soul, but the following week she brought a much-chastened Joseph back to the clinic. Seems that Joseph goes out of town every week to sell hairdressing products and a few weeks back he was stuck overnight with a broken-down vehicle and, well…his hotrod had been where it shouldn’t have gone. As it happened, he had some dental work a few days after he returned from that trip and a dose of penicillin to cover it must have also treated the disease for him — but not before he had infected his wife. It was just lucky for Emma that her checkup was scheduled at this time.

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